csgo gangster awp skin (csgo gangster character)

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1. The origin of M4.AK.AWP?

2. Download the txt version of "Martial Arts: Data Bandits" and read the full text online, please ask for Baidu Netdisk cloud resources

3. Skin recommendations for CSGO civilian players

The origin of M4.AK.AWP`?

1. AK = AK47 for bandits AWP = heavy sniper rifle M4 = M4A1 Smorking for police I don’t know.


2. The AK series of firearms are named after Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov. The Kalashnikov automatic rifle refers to the former Soviet Union’s famous firearms designer Mikhail Ji. A series of automatic rifles designed by Mofeyevich Kalashnikov (Михаил Тимофеевич Калашников).


In the 1930s, as the US military launched a new carbine development project, the M4 carbine was born. However, the early M4 only had semi-automatic and three-round firing modes. A small number of M4s participated in the Gulf War and were well received by many troops. Later, they were used in the army. Under requests and suggestions, the new version of the M4 changed to the fully automatic firing mode, and began to add guide rails and install more tactical accessories. This is the M4A1, which is widely used by major forces in the US military.


4. M16 and M4 were invented by American designer Stoner. They both fire 56mm small-caliber rifle bullets. The M4 is an improved version of the M16. Not only is the mass of the entire gun lower than the M16, but the length of the entire gun is also shortened.


5. Moreover, the surface precision of aluminum alloy after forging is higher than that of steel. To make an M4, you only need a hand drill and aluminum and steel blocks. If you don't have the skills, a milling machine and a lathe will suffice. These are not enough for AK. It needs a lot of complete industrial facilities. If the Soviet Union had not provided assistance and trained talents, AK would still be extremely expensive now.


6. When encountering a gun-type assaulter, usually AK and M4 from this type of gun, shake left and right and shoot, especially women, who are difficult to aim. The probability of headshots is super high. You must hide when you encounter them, and then stagger the time and wait for him to stop and wait to aim or Move in other directions, rush forward, etc., and kill quickly. When sniping against each other, the most typical one is the transport ship map. Both sides have a fixed sniping position, and whoever comes out has their sights set in advance.


"Martial Arts: Data Bandits" txt download online to read the full text, please ask for Baidu Netdisk cloud resources

1. Download the latest full set of "Martial Arts: Data Storm" Baidu Netdisk txt: Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1qZZE1LgTTIugJunoH7QUCA? pwd=cb3x Extraction code: cb3x Introduction to "Martial Arts: Data Storm": A world of singing and dancing, a romantic and charming martial arts world.


2. Download the latest full set of "Data Jianghu" Baidu Netdisk txt: Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1zTXBGZfffMvoUGGKZXYxew? pwd=afr8 Extraction code: afr8 Introduction: (Dark route, not Xiaobai) After seeing the death of his parents, he realized that there is no such thing as retreating into the world. Only the strongest can avoid becoming a corpse in the hands of others.


3. Download the latest full set of "Data Warriors" Baidu Netdisk txt: Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1W5e9LDrjhrPNH8tq6ABcMg? pwd=ry67 Extraction code: ry67 Introduction: The author of "Data Warrior" is AFK.


4. Download the latest complete set of "Xingtian Gang" Baidu Netdisk txt: link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1TOI3OljqWw6RDwoDMPLQUg? pwd=pznk Extraction code: pznk Introduction: Heifeng Village is happy to have a son, and let’s see Brother Li making a big fuss. Officials and gangsters colluded, beauties favored them, and formed a bandit army. The emperor would call him brother when he saw him. It can be said that he went up to the sky to catch the moon, and went to the five oceans to catch turtles. I am the only bandit.


5. "The Strongest Bandit in History" Baidu Netdisk txt latest full set download: Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1TJCeSeqzqE36upKMg38BVQ? pwd=2pzo Extraction code: 2pzo Introduction: Warriors roam the Cangyun Continent, and the most powerful ones can turn mountains and seas and break the void.


Skin recommendations for CSGO civilian players

Raging Beast: It will take a little wear and tear, and the price of brand new 547 alcohol is 115 yuan. For skins that are not subject to wear and tear, such as machinery industry and consoles, the slightly abrasive state of extreme alcohol can maintain a low profile without losing charm, such as machinery industry brand new 275, alcohol price 104 yuan. For Nightmare and Next Generation, abrasion has a certain impact on the skin effect, but the recommended slightly worn state can also show a unique style. For example, the price of Nightmare Brand New 223 alcohol is 59 yuan.


CSGO’s most popular self-use civilian skins are recommended: blue laminate AK and Sha Ying. The stickers are so aesthetically pleasing that they are easy to pass down from family to family. If you want to buy Qitianle, be careful. Attached are the two AK holograms I bought before and after. Unfortunately, I can’t afford Shiny and Sand Eagle. I recommend matching them with some 2020 stickers. The prices are still affordable. I strongly recommend a brighter template. You can buy it in the market. , it’s affordable and still affordable.


Below I will bring you skin recommendations for CSGO civilian players for your reference.