csgo skin set 5000 (csgo 5000 budget full set of skins)

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Table of contents of this article:

1. Introduction to 11 expensive CSGO unboxing accessories and skins

2. Introduction to 1,000-yuan knife skins recommended for CSGO melee weapons

3. How difficult is it to get the dragon sniper in cogo?

4. List of 2,000-yuan gloves recommended for CSGO high-quality gloves

11 expensive CSGO unboxing accessories and skins

1. Skadoodle signed brand new souvenir dragon sniper (3 million) Even if some people have never played CSGO, many people still know that there is a gun called dragon sniper, which is worth hundreds of thousands and can be exchanged for a house. So how expensive is the most expensive dragon sniper? Here, the editor searched online and found that the most expensive dragon sniper is the "Skadoodle signed brand new souvenir dragon sniper" in 2017, which costs more than 3 million yuan.

2. Brand new all-blue quenched claw knife. As mentioned in the previous article, the surface is quenched and the blade is all blue. This probability is rarer than winning a 5 million lottery. Tec-9 groundwater. The price of this skin is amazing, worth a desert sea view room. Is it more expensive than the Dragon Sniper or something? Method/Steps 4-IBP Brand New Roaring M4A4 Roaring, as the only banned skin in CSGO (will not be produced again), so this skin is very rare.


3. CS: GO is a popular first-person shooter game, in which the skin and accessories system is one of its major features. In CS: GO, the most expensive item is the Dragon Sniper (AWP | Dragon Legend). There are two types of Dragon Snipers, namely ordinary Dragon Snipers and souvenir Dragon Snipers. The price of ordinary Dragon Snipers ranges from 3,000 to 15,000 depending on the wear and tear of the appearance. The brand new Dragon Sniper is the most expensive. The souvenir Dragon Sniper is even rarer and more expensive, with a price of tens of thousands of dollars.


4. The most expensive skin in CSGO: AWP Dragon Legend Commemorative Edition Skin, commonly known as Dragon Sniper. The Dragon Sniper, this accessory, is a very rare skin both at home and abroad, and the price has always been high. Especially the commemorative edition Dragon Sniper, because the commemorative edition Dragon Sniper will come with stickers on the gun body. The rarer the stickers, the more valuable the skin. In addition to this dragon sniper, other more expensive ones are gun skins such as M4A1 Roar, AK-47 Wild Lotus, and AWP Medusa.


5. In CS: go, in addition to gun skins, there are knife skins, which are also very popular because knives can be used to swing around and look very cool. For example, this brand new all-blue quenched claw knife looks very sharp, and the blade is light blue.


CSGO melee weapon skin recommendation thousand-yuan knife skin introduction


1. Brand new all-blue (perfect all-blue on the front) claw knife, price: $100,000. The most expensive must be unique and cannot be copied. This front all-blue claw knife really explains this to us. Scimitar ‖ Tiger Tooth (Brand new) ‖ 879 yuan bright tiger skin color, which is very prominent in the price below 1,000 yuan. The scimitar feels slightly blunt when cutting. It is recommended to use the automatic inspection command when cutting the knife, and the knife can turn the knife flower when cutting.


2. In terms of price, the collection value of Bowie hunting knives is extremely high. From the civilian-level P1, the price range is 1139-7500, to the rare black pearl and ruby, the price range can reach 15,000 yuan. The pricing of special paints such as Tiger Fang and Northern Forest is even more eye-popping, and the highest can even reach 88,888 yuan. Each skin carries unique artistic and historical value and is the goal pursued by knife fans.


3. Cost-effective choice Although high-quality gut-piercing knives are expensive, our recommendation-the battle-hardened deadly violet, which is only sold for 400 yuan on the C5GAME platform, has a high cost-effectiveness and a stable price. Even if you want to change it in the future, it will not be greatly discounted. On Steam, although the price is slightly higher, the stable value makes it a long-term investment.


4. Gut-piercing knife: commonly known as the butcher knife. Many people don’t like this knife shape, but I think it looks pretty good. The knife will turn in your hand, which is very comfortable. The price is the most affordable one, which is very suitable for beginners (please ignore if you don't like the knife shape). You can buy whatever you like, which is basically not expensive.


5. Each skin recommendation will be accompanied by the buff and Steam market price trend chart of the accessory in the past three months for your reference. If the Zen gate is broken, the beauty is like jade and the sword is like a rainbow. Let's get started. Scimitar ‖ Tiger Tooth (Brand New) ‖ 879 yuan The bright tiger skin color is very prominent in the price range below 1,000 yuan. The scimitar knife feels slightly blunt. It is recommended to automatically check the command when using the knife, and the knife can turn the knife flower.


How difficult is it to get the dragon sniper in cogo?


1. Before the roar is heard, it can be opened first. Now it can only be obtained through trading. Because it is rare and the number is scarce, it has such a high price now. AWP|Dragon Legend: Unlike the roar, the dragon spear is a map gun, and the map gun does not have the quality of number gathering (dark gold).


2. You have a chance to get it by completing tasks/weekly upgrade drops. The dropped guns include the Castle Battle Collection, the Dead City Mystery Collection, the Death Amusement Park Collection, the God and Demon Collection, the Disintegration Factory Collection, and the Rising Sun Collection. Basic Information CSGO will launch a big operation every once in a while. You can treat it as a game DLC and buy it or not.


3. The chicken leg stick is the last orange weapon in the 60s. It can be said that it is very difficult to obtain. The chicken leg stick is obtained throughout the entire NAXX. I believe that there are still players who are scared of how difficult NAXX was in that era. To get the chicken leg stick, you must first collect the fragments of Atiesh. This fragment will only drop from the BOSS in NAXX, and the drop rate is not high, about 25%.


CSGO skin set 5000 (csgo 5000 budget full set of skins)


CSGO high-quality gloves skin recommended two thousand gloves list

The budget is within 1000-2000, the Hydra series is good. The long-standing may be a few hundred. 2000-5000, you can consider some slightly worn gloves without missing fingers, such as Hero, Mint, Blue and Purple Plaid. 5000-10000, Hedge Maze, Superconductor, Tortoise, Slightly worn, Delivery, Brand new. Professional gloves are the most cost-effective style among all gloves. Since the skin is not worn, even with battle scars, it still looks good in the game.


Price Challenge/ The reason why sports gloves are called "king" is due to its high price in the second-hand market, especially worn sports gloves, such as s1mple's Miami Vice and Boombl4's Pandora's Box. This article lists the prices of gloves in the BUFF market, reminding players to pay attention to the possible inflated phenomenon. Selection Guide/ For players who want to buy sports gloves, they need to pay attention to wear, triangle area and epidermis when choosing.


The reason why csgo gloves are so expensive is that the production is rare and gloves are rarely opened. The budget is within 1000-2000, the Hydra series is good. The long-lasting one may be a few big ones. 2000-5000, you can consider some slightly worn fingerless gloves, hero, mint, blue and purple plaid. 5000-10000, hedge maze, superconductor, tortoise shell, slightly worn, transported, brand new.