csgo sea skin (csgo sea king skin)

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1. Sharing of cost-effective weapons and agent skins in CSGO

2. [Original] csgo cost-effective skin evaluation (2) AWP article

3. CSGO Riptide Operation skin appreciation and latest graphic tutorial csgo Riptide Operation updated content_Baidu...

CSGO cost-effective weapons and agent skin sharing

Hunting Grid AWP:/ This skin is the first choice for players with a limited budget. The gun body is in yellow-green camouflage. Although it is simple, its wear and tear price is affordable. The well-worn version only costs 1 yuan. God of Worms:/ The cool pattern design makes it outstanding in terms of cost performance, especially the dark gold version, which is moderately priced, and the ordinary long-lasting version only costs 5 yuan.


Let me share with you some CSGO cost-effective agent skin recommendations CSGO cost-effective agent skin recommendations Army Lieutenant Commander Rick Saul ‖ 129 yuan The only CT agent without cuffs, he is very capable and does not look bloated at all. (I don’t know why, but I always think of the Flying Tigers when I see him.) The picture below is the first-person perspective: Doctor Romanov‖ The 15-yuan doctor’s white hair is very conspicuous, and his round sunglasses also have a sense of humor. .


As for the clear water of the M9 bayonet, it is recommended to choose a brand new one from the factory, but the price is relatively high at 1,400, but the color of this knife is the most cost-effective among all the prices. It also has a unique cutting method and a thick and durable knife. The feel of the knife can give rifle players a very good feel, which can further improve the rifle player's shooting feel.


csgo sea skin (csgo sea king skin)


[Original] CSGO cost-effective skin evaluation (2) AWP article

1. Fearless God of War: / The golden and blue patterns interweave to create a gorgeous picture. The 73 yuan slightly polished version is suitable for players who pursue overall beauty rather than details. Black skin, low-key and steady, a reflection of personal style. Orange AWP:/ This skin is quite controversial. The unique pattern design has attracted many players. The wear is highly visible at around 120 yuan.


2. CSGO AWP cost-effective skin recommends the first AWP StatTrak Death BUFF. The price is 939¥. The price of igxe is 95¥. The price of C5 is 972¥. The price of Steam is 1576¥. Among the awp skins, the last one only eats brightness and does not eat wear. It is also the one with the lowest requirements for brightness. One person.


3. In the CSGO jewelry market, awp ghost retreat is a very popular skin. Awp ghost retreat is very wear-resistant and suffers from brightness. As the wear increases, the pattern at the seams will wear out quickly. Fortunately, this skin has the highest quality Wear is 0.5 and large areas of pattern are retained even at the highest wear.


4. M4A is the king of cost-effectiveness for killing famous Italians. You can take it home brand new for only 30 yuan. The all-red color scheme is very handsome. Dragon King has a skin with Chinese elements. Just because of this, why don’t you buy it? The price of slight grinding is about 70 yuan. You can consider buying Dead Space Extreme Alcohol and Extreme Light Polishing, which are not too harmful to the worn skin, and the price is between 55-75 yuan.


5. The details of the skin are also worth savoring. The wear degree of the Fearless God of War is limited to between light wear and long wear, the range is only 0.1 to 0.2. The wear area is clearly visible, while the wear on the golden part is inconspicuous. Wear is controlled just right, making the price stable and selection relatively easy. At the intersection where phoenix flowers bloomed, we met the fearless God of War and the unique beauty.


CSGO Riptide Operation skin appreciation and the latest graphic tutorial csgo Riptide Operation updated content_Baidu...

Operation Riptide introduces new maps, new missions, and new ways to experience your favorite game modes! Activate the Operation Rift Pass and complete your missions to earn rewards including new agents, weapon collectibles, decals and patchwork. Game Modes NEW: Private Match Queue - Generate a queue code, share this code with friends and create a private priority match on Valve's servers.


Stars are the key to unlocking rare equipment. For savvy players, Harry recommends waiting for market conditions and investing wisely. The big operation introduced the function of exchanging stars for weapons, but the cost is relatively high and may be lower than the market price in the later period. High-grade firearms such as gilt AK and FADE are extremely cost-effective and worth buying, but you must consider the current price trend of stars.


CSGO Riptide Operation gameplay introduction CSGO Riptide Operation mission completion strategy: Perform tasks: You can obtain Operation Stars by completing tasks. There is a limit to the number of Operation Stars you can hunt every week. If you don’t have time to complete the mission, you can also purchase the Operation Star upgrade package. After purchasing and activating, you can get 1/10/100 action stars, but the stars obtained by purchasing cannot hinder the level of action coins.