Revolver csgo skin (csgo revolver skin collection)

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Table of contents of this article:

1. Why is the R8 revolver Blazing Flame more expensive after grinding

2. Recommendation and price sharing of CSGO blue pistol skins

3. Can the CSGO 8 revolver be replaced

Why is the R8 revolver Blazing Flame more expensive after grinding

The R8 revolver Blazing Flame has a low probability of dropping in the drop pool and is more expensive. At that time, no one played CSGO, and there were less than 80 on the Steam trading market. The R8 revolver is one of the weapons in the American first-person shooter game "Counter-Strike". "Counter-Strike" is a shooting game. As a battle-hardened mercenary, players will use a variety of weapons to fight the enemy.


This Desert Eagle skin only drops with a low probability in the earliest CSGO Hot Sand City drop pool. At that time, no one played CSGO. At present, there are less than 80 on the Steam trading market. Therefore, if these owners are willing to speculate, they can completely speculate the price of each Blazing Flame to more than 1,000 yuan. Since it is a map collection drop, there is neither a dark gold version nor a souvenir version.


Only slightly polished and brand new accessories are basically like this, because the lock is worn, and the slightly polished ones are few in number, so the price is high.


CSGO blue pistol skin recommendation and price sharing

1. AK-47 Wild Lotus: Naturally gorgeous, the price can reach $3,000 to $20,000, symbolizing unique rarity and artistic sense. AWP Gungnir: A mythical sniper weapon, priced from $6,000 to $20,000, each shot seems to contain a legendary story. Factory new crimson net knife: High-end customization, the price starting point is more than $6,000, and the truth is in the details.


2. Glock blue crack or water spirit. AK47 elite work, also a good-looking skin, the price is also very cheap... I won't list the other guns one by one. , the price is more expensive than the Torch (after all, it is a restricted level), but it is generally 7~8 yuan. M4A4 Killing Intent Daimyo or Griffin


3. Fearless War God: / The golden and blue patterns interweave to create a gorgeous picture. The 73 yuan slightly polished version is suitable for players who pursue overall beauty rather than details. Black skin, low-key and steady, the embodiment of personal style. Orange AWP: / This skin is quite controversial. The unique pattern design has attracted many players. The wear visibility of around 120 yuan is relatively high.


4. Everyone wants the gem series of knives, but not everyone can afford them. The price of breaking a thousand makes it difficult for ordinary players to afford it. But it doesn’t matter. This time, the recommended gem-textured double gun will let you feel the pleasure brought by the gem series from another perspective-dual-wielding Beretta cobalt blue quartz. As the name suggests, the appearance of this skin is cobalt blue quartz.


5. CSGO entry-level skin recommendation Here only the most commonly used gun skins are listed, and some unpopular guns such as sniper spray guns will not be counted. The USP torque appearance is acceptable, mainly because the price is really affordable. You can get a brand new one for less than 10. The Guardian's all-blue appearance, with some stickers, will have a miraculous effect. You can get one for less than 10 yuan and grind it slightly. The next-generation brand new one is about 20 yuan, which is still highly recommended.


Can the csgor8 revolver be replaced?


1. The skins at the highest level of the collection series cannot be used for replacement, that is, all the secret levels, as well as the representative gradient amber R8, Franklin, Little White Mouse, Rutile Quartz, etc. cannot be used for replacement. The replaced skin pattern is completely random.


2. At long distances, we can use its left button to accurately shoot. It is the same as the Desert Eagle, that is, to shake and shoot behind the cover. The advantage of the R8 revolver's left button shooting is that even if it is just running and jumping, the bullets fired are very accurate.


3. Press and hold the left mouse button to keep shooting. In csgo, you can keep firing by holding the left mouse button. Some weapons are single-shot and cannot fire continuously, such as AWP, MG7 and other weapons. FAMAS and Glock can be switched to three-shot burst.


4. The replacement contract must use ten skins of the same quality. The system randomly selects one from the ten gun skins, and then randomly selects a skin from the higher level of the collection series in which the skin is located for you. The skins at the highest level of the collection series cannot be used for replacement, that is, all secret levels, as well as representative gradient amber R8, Franklin, white mouse, golden rutile, etc. cannot be used for replacement.