Starfish csgo skin (csgo skin with stars)

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List of contents of this article:

1. Introduction to 11 expensive CSGO unboxing jewelry skins

2. How to gift skins to your friends in CSGO?

3. How to buy csgo skins?

Introduction to 11 Expensive CSGO Unboxing Accessory Skins

1. Skadoodle signed brand new souvenir Dragon Sniper (3 million) Even if some people have never played CSGO, many people still know that there is a gun called Dragon Sniper. It is worth hundreds of thousands and can be exchanged for a house. So it is the most expensive How expensive is the Dragon Sniper? The editor here searched online and found that the most expensive dragon sniper is the 2017 "Skadoodle signed brand new souvenir dragon sniper", which costs more than 3 million yuan.


2. Brand new all-blue tempered claw knife. As mentioned earlier, the surface is hardened and the blade surface is completely blue. This probability is even rarer than winning a 5 million lottery ticket. Tec-9 groundwater. The price of this skin is amazing, it is worth a desert sea view room. Is it more expensive than a dragon sniper or something like that? Methods/steps 4 consecutive Ibp brand new roar M4A4 roar, as the only banned skin in CSGO (will not be produced again), so this skin is very rare.


3. CS:GO is a popular first-person shooting game, in which the skin and accessories system is a major feature. In CS:GO, the most expensive item is the Dragon Sniper (AWP | Dragon Legend). There are two types of dragon snipers, namely ordinary dragon snipers and souvenir dragon snipers. Ordinary dragon snipers range in price from 3,000 to 15,000 depending on appearance wear and tear, with brand new dragon snipers being the most expensive. Souvenir dragon snipers are even rarer and more expensive, priced in the tens of thousands of dollars.


4. The most expensive skin in CSGO: AWP Dragon Legend commemorative edition skin, commonly known as Dragon Sniper. The Dragon Sniper accessory is a very rare skin both at home and abroad, and its price has remained high. Especially the commemorative dragon sniper, because the gun body of the commemorative dragon sniper will come with stickers. The rarer the sticker, the more valuable the skin will be. In addition to the dragon sniper, other more expensive firearm skins are the M4A1 Roar, AK-47 Wild Lotus, AWP Medusa and other firearm skins.


5. In CS:go, in addition to gun skins, there are knife skins. These are also very popular because the knives can be thrown around and look very cool. For example, this brand new one The all-blue quenched claw knife looks very sharp, and the blade is light blue.


Starfish csgo skin (csgo skin with stars)


How to gift skins to your friends in csgo?

First open the game. There is a gift button in the lower right corner of the game. Click once to see how to send gifts. Then we can click the gift button to enter the gift sending interface. Here you can see the types of skins we give away, including direct gifts and other ways. If what we are giving away is permanent, choose permanent.


After opening the game, click Settings in the main interface, and click System on the left in the settings page that opens. Then click Social on the left. In the social page that opens, we can find and open our WeChat. If you can't find it, you can also search for it on the WeChat settings page. After clicking it, we can see the main interface of WeChat.


There are two ways to send skins to friends in CSGO. The first is to right-click the item in the game and there will be an option to gift it to a friend, or the other is to click on the friend's avatar outside the game to initiate a transaction, and then select the item you want to gift. , after both parties click OK, the transaction is successful.


So how do we give skins to friends in the game? The editor will share with you some of my experiences below, hoping it can be helpful to you.


First we need to open our own game client. There is a social center in the lower right corner of the game. After clicking to enter, you can see a share button. Next, you can choose the skin you want to give away. Here we take Black No. 2 in "Black Ops 2: Zero Point" as an example. In the skin list on the right, we can see that there are many different colors of the same skin, including this white one.


CSGO skins can be given to friends through the steam platform.


How to buy CSGO skins?

1. Purchase as follows: If you want to buy gun skins or other accessories in CSGO, you can go to NetEase Buff to buy them, or you can buy them in the Steam market, but the handling fee is a bit expensive. Of course, this still needs to be chosen by the player. First log in to steam, click Community-Market. Then click csgo on the right. First enter Steam, then find the community, find the market in the community options, and click to enter.


2. Where to buy skins in CSGO? One is to enter directly in the game, the other is to enter the official website in the browser. You can also enter it in the steam client. Find the market under the community column on the homepage and click to enter.


3. First log in to steam and click Community-Market. Click on the market, then select or search for a skin you are interested in and click on it. Game Settings "Counter-Strike" divides players into two camps and two teams, and each team must fight multiple rounds on a map. The way to win a round is to achieve the required objectives of the map, or to completely eliminate the enemy player.


4. How to buy weapon skins in CSGO. Players can buy skins through the following methods: Buy skins on the community market of Steam. However, it is very expensive to buy skins in the market, mainly because of the high tax of Steam. Players can also purchase through buff, igxe and other third-party trading platforms. The price of Q weapon skins on these trading platforms will be much cheaper compared to the steam market.


5. There are three main ways to obtain skins: random drawing from boxes. (commonly known as chop hands) purchased. (Although some skins are expensive, there is no risk.) The popular name for exchanging weapons is weapon synthesis.


6. The game can be purchased in the Steam market. There are three third-party platforms available: NetEase BUFF, C5 and IGXE. Weapon skins in "CSGO" can make players' weapons more cool, but will not affect the balance of the game.