csgo skin famas (what does csgo skin wear mean)

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Table of contents of this article:

1. CSGO souvenir skin purchase recommendation What skin is worth buying

2. The best recognized csgo unboxing website

3. CSGO 2021 Major souvenir weapon skin recommendation

4. CSGO weapon box gold skin distribution

5. CSGO cost-effective white weapon skin recommendation

CSGO souvenir skin purchase recommendation What skin is worth buying

1. AK-47 Fire Snake: Ruby-like value, soaring from $500 to more than $8,000, rare and dazzling. AK-47 Golden Vine Pattern: Unique golden texture, price range is $3,000 to $15,000, each unique is worth a fortune. M4A4 Howl: Advanced sound design, price range is $2,000 to $12,000, and the magic of sound also gives them a unique charm.


2. The rarest souvenirs in "csgo" Dark Gold Red Net Bayonet: In "csgo", knife skins are rarer than ordinary gun skins, so they are also more expensive. Dark Gold Red Net Bayonet is one of the knife-type skins released in 2013. Many people have given up on it, but it still maintains its traditional status and high price tag. Dark Gold Red Net Sawtooth Claw Knife: The price of this one is very expensive when it leaves the factory.


3. Among the skins of the police spray, this one is very cost-effective and worth buying. XM1014 (Continuous Spray) Four Seasons (Battle-hardened) 16 yuan is rich in color and has a good visual effect. It is also a metaphysical skin with different color proportions. If you are lucky, you can find the "Big Blue Leaf". Of course, it is a case of picking up leaks. Generally, the price of this metaphysical skin is too high and it is not recommended to buy it.


The best recognized csgo unboxing website

1. eeskins unboxing website, a new debut, a reliable unboxing website, and a free box collection website. Let you open the box in seconds, conscientious and good goods, play so willfully, ee unboxing website has a large number of CSGO treasure boxes to choose from, and you can get 1 US dollar when you register. If you are interested, you can experience it. Unboxing website six: Farmskins (click to jump) Farmskins, also known as "Big F Network", is the first overseas unboxing website to enter China.


2. V6SKIN V6SKIN unboxing website is an old unboxing website with daily bonuses, and you can get benefits even if you lie down. It supports immediate retrieval and can be traded directly, with 0 handling fees, which is very practical. And it focuses on high-end accessories in "CSGO", and the accessories opened are of high value.


3. Erika unboxing website 90Erika is a long-established website mall. The accessories have no premium, first-class quality, and extremely fast retrieval speed. We have red envelope rain activities every day, provide real-time roll room services, double certification of word-of-mouth and explosion rate, simple interface, and excellent user experience.


CSGO skin famas (what does csgo skin wear mean)


CSGO2021Major souvenir weapon skin recommendation

1. Number One Special Training, Horizon The rewards in these two boxes are almost the same, all of which are the new four-knife dagger, serrated dagger, folding knife, and bear knife. The box of life on the line contains M4A4 Black Phantom, MP7 Bloodsport, AWP Death, USP-S Brain Hole, AUG Lake Bird, Glock-18 Moonlight in the City. It is relatively worthwhile to get any of the above.


2. M4A1 Suppressed Type - Player 2: Slightly worn out, recommended extreme alcohol version, the wear level is 297 when brand new 535, and the alcohol price is 150 yuan. Female Vulcan Blaze: Also wears out, with extreme alcohol, the price of brand new 520 is 240 yuan, and only 134 yuan when slightly worn. Raging Beast: It will be slightly worn out, and the alcohol price of brand new 547 is 115 yuan.


3. Souvenir Dragon Sniper Souvenir Dragon Sniper is a skin that can only be opened in the castle memorial box dropped in the top CS:GO Major event. The cheapest souvenir Dragon Sniper with gold prints (the kind that looks broken and can't be broken anymore) costs more than 20,000 RMB, while the brand new Dragon Sniper is more than 100,000 RMB. Depending on which player signs and the location of the signature print, there will be additional value. With the souvenir Dragon Sniper, you are really rich and inhumane.


Distribution of gold skins in csgo weapon boxes

Doppler series; free hand series; gold series; clear water series; crimson web series.


PP-Bison|Mysterious inscription. 1P90|Container. 1P2000|Tangled roots. 1P250|Cassette. 1 Negev|Feather. 1SG 553|Rusty Blade.


The life-and-death box in the CSGO game can open some rare gloves and knives, including King Snake, Transcendence, Dark Green Tone, Blue and Purple Plaid, Deer Hunting, Big Shot, Crimson Web, Gradient Color, Amphibious, Omega, Bronze Form, Miami Vice, Overprint, Cobalt Blue Skull, Forest Tone, etc.


The gold from the revolver weapon box is the claw knife, surface hardening, R8 revolver gradient color. The weapons from the revolver weapon box are M4A4 Royal Paladin, P90 Carved Woodcarving, G3SG1 Executioner, AK47 Chaos Dot Matrix, Teclu Jet, Tec9 Avalanche Fur, SG553 Leopard Light Moth, Negev Power Loader, FN57 Morning Gun Evening Pickup.


CSGO High Cost-effective White Weapon Skin Recommendation

Hunting Grid AWP:/ This skin is the first choice for players with limited budgets. The gun body is yellow-green camouflage. Although it is simple, the price of wear and tear is affordable. The long-honed version starts at only 1 yuan. God of Worms: / The cool pattern design makes it outstanding in terms of cost performance, especially the dark gold version, which is moderately priced, and the ordinary long-lasting version starts at only 5 yuan.


Here are some CSGO black and white pistol skins for everyone. CSGO black and white pistol skins are recommended. P2000 milky white ivory (brand new) Introduction: black on the top and white on the bottom, the color is warm, as if a little milky yellow is mixed in. Price: 42 yuan Leopard camouflage (brand new) Introduction: Although it is called leopard, it is not the yellow series in the traditional impression. On the contrary, it is pure black, and the leopard skin pattern can be faintly seen on the gun body.


The clear water of the M9 bayonet, here it is recommended to choose a brand new one, but the price is relatively high at 1400 per piece, but the color of this knife is the most cost-effective one among all prices, and there is also a unique way of cutting the knife. The heavy feeling of holding the knife can give rifle players a very good feel, which can further enhance the shooting feel of riflemen.