csgo light blue series skin (csgo blue quality cheapest gun)

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List of contents of this article:

1. What are the qualities of csgo limited edition digital collectibles?

2. What are the differences in the quality of the skins shot in CSGO?

3. What is the introduction of rarity and quality in the CSGO map?

What are the qualities of csgo limited edition digital collectibles?

1. The official has carefully prepared exclusive digital collection benefits limited to 5555 copies, each with a unique appearance and encrypted ID! In addition, any national server account can also receive a fifth-anniversary themed digital collection at the designated time after completing the task. This themed digital collection is available in unlimited quantities, and you can get it by participating! Digital art cards are produced and issued based on blockchain technology. They are not only virtual objects, but also an out-of-print collection that belongs exclusively to the owner.


2. Brand new from the factory, slightly worn, battle-worn and battle-scarred. When you open the weapon box, you have a chance to get a weapon with a Suju mark. This type of weapon will have a counter on the skin to record your kills. The total number of players, which is what players often call dark gold weapons.


3. Desert City collectibles: The unique charm of CSGO Riptide Operation jewelry/ Let us take a peek at the rare jewelry in CSGO and feel the perfect combination of art and combat in these 2021 Desert City collectibles. First of all, it is the incarnation of mythological elements - AWP | Nine-headed Golden Snake/. The designer's clever use makes it look like Hydra in Greek mythology, with a golden snake body wrapped around it and its scales as delicate as relief sculptures.


4. The other one is the StatTrak dark gold music box, which costs 55. It can record the official matching MVP value and is more expensive than ordinary ones. The difference is that there is an additional counting function in the music box darkgold, which can record the number of MVPs a player has obtained in the official CSGO competition. There are only two ways to open a music box. The first way is to open the music box like a sticker. The second way is to buy directly in the market.


5. CSGO gold is of red quality. There are 6 quality levels of weapon rarity in CSGO, from low to high: white, consumer grade, light blue: industrial grade, dark blue: military grade, purple: restricted, pink and purple: confidential, red: secret. Dagger and glove skins are golden rare special items in weapon boxes, but they also belong to the red stealth level in quality.


csgo light blue series skin (csgo blue quality cheapest gun)


What are the differences in the types and qualities of skins shot in csgo?

1. Wear degree Wear degree determines the appearance of the weapon skin and represents the newness of the skin. The wear level simply describes the new and old condition of the skin, and will not increase wear and tear with your use. At the same time, the specific wear value of each weapon is different, and everyone's weapon is unique.


2. There are three main classification methods for skin guns in CSGO. They are classified according to color: classification of rarity and value; classification according to the degree of appearance wear: classification of the newness of the same skin; classification according to different collection types: different Collection to categorize. In addition, the quality of the weapon skin will not change the appearance and attack power of the gun. It will only change the color of the weapon and make the gun more beautiful.


3. The wear value between 0.15-0.38 is considered battle-hardened. The wear value between 0.38-0.45 is worn and worn. The wear value between 0.45-00 is battle-scarred. Each skin has a minimum number. value and maximum wear value, so not every skin will have a complete range of 5 appearances.


What is the introduction of rarity and quality in csgo map?

1. The rarity and quality of accessories in CSGO are mainly determined by their rarity and wear and tear.


2. The quality is distinguished according to the color of the weapon props, which represents the rarity and grade of the weapon skin. All dagger skins are golden rare special items in the weapon box, but they are also red stealth level in quality and will have a (★) added after the dagger skin name.


3. Calambit hardened (blue gemstone) starts at US$20,000. The embellishment of blue gemstones shines like gems, symbolizing incomparable nobility. The rarity of the skin is divided into eight levels, and the contraband level is even rarer. The subtle differences in wear and tear can also affect the price, and skins with low wear and tear are more popular. Pattern, this seemingly small element, is a key factor in determining the value of skin.


4. Purple (Mythical) - Restricted Pinkish purple (Legendary) - Classified Red (Ancient) - Covert Secret special item - Exceedingly Rare Personally, I think the real quality classification is from rare Determined quality.


5. CSGO Rich and Unpopular Gun Skin Inventory Section 1: M4A4 M4A4 | Modern Hunter Inspection Plan Floor Plan Quality and Collectibles: Restricted (Purple) Mercenary Training Camp Collectibles Reference Price (buff) New from the Factory: Starting from 850 yuan slightly Wear and tear: from 185 yuan, battle-hardened: from 60 yuan, the reasons for the high price: first, the surviving quantity is extremely rare, and the total number of all wear and tear on sale in the buff market is less than 100.


6. White represents consumer grade. Light blue represents industrial grade. Dark blue represents military-spec grade. Purple represents restricted. Pink and purple represent confidentiality. Red represents secrecy.