csgoak skin recommends civilian skin (csgoak skin is cost-effective)

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Table of contents of this article:

1. Sharing the matching of AK skin and stickers in "CSGO"

2. Recommended rifles for CSGO green skins

3. Appearance rate of skins of professional players in CSGO

4. Recommendation of low-priced skins of CSGO AK47

5. Ranking of CSGO AK47 skins, which ones are relatively high?

6. Is the red line effect of CSGO2 good?

Sharing the matching of AK skin and stickers in "CSGO"

1. The overall color of AK jade pinstripe is the original skin of AK, supplemented by a few green lines. The price is not salty or light, which is just suitable for beginners. Since there is only one green color that can be picked out of the gun, green stickers are generally used as a match. But considering that the overall background of the gun body is dim, you can also put some colorful ones to suppress the background color.


2. In the CSGO accessories market, AK47 red line is a very popular skin. The recommended AK47 red line prints are 4 holographic, 4IBP, 4 holographic battle scars, 4 holographic A team, and 4 shining red roses, which are all very beautiful.


3. The following are some personal recommendations and matches for the 2021 Stockholm stickers.


4. Gold NAVI stickers. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a first-person shooter game developed by VALVE and Hidden athEntertainment. Anubis AK is the gun skin of AK47. The style is very good. With the gold NAVI stickers, the gun will be more eye-catching and better looking.


5. NAVI. AK Fuel Injector: The main colors are yellow and silver. The most common one is NAVI. Even the most ordinary stickers look quite harmonious.


6. AK47 Queen looks best without stickers. If players want to stick stickers, there are 5 stickers recommended, namely iBUYPOWER, Dragon Legend, Battle Scars, Tyloo and DreamHack Winter Championship 2014.


csgoak skins recommend civilian skins (csgoak skins are cost-effective)


CSGO green skins recommend rifles

Hunting Grid AWP:/ This skin is the first choice for players with limited budgets. The gun body is yellow-green camouflage. Although it is simple, the price is affordable when worn. The long-wear version starts at only 1 yuan. Worm God:/ The cool pattern design makes it outstanding in terms of cost-effectiveness, especially the dark gold version, which is moderately priced. The ordinary long-wear version starts at only 5 yuan.


First of all, for players with a budget of less than 150 yuan, the extreme alcohol series is a good choice. For example: M4A1 Silencer - Player No. 2: Slightly worn, the recommended extreme alcohol version, the wear degree is 297 when it is brand new 535, and the alcohol price is 150 yuan. Female Vulcan Blaze: It also wears out. Under extreme alcohol, the price of brand new 520 is 240 yuan, and it only needs 134 yuan when it is slightly worn.


CSGO (techniques can be bad, but skins must be handsome). Today I recommend skins to everyone! Rifle AWP: slightly polished Phobos, 4RMB. If you don't like this skin, you can choose Worm God, the price is almost the same. AK47: slightly polished Elite, 10RMB. It is a representative work of civilian AK, cheap and durable, and it goes well with yellow stickers. M4A1 silencer: slightly polished Bubble Pop, 4RMB.


Appearance rate of professional players' skins in csgo

1. AWP: slightly polished Phobos, 4RMB. If you don't like this skin, you can choose Worm God, the price is almost the same. AK47: slightly polished Elite, 10RMB. It is a representative work of civilian AK, cheap and durable, and it goes well with yellow stickers. M4A1 silencer: slightly polished Bubble Pop, 4RMB. The price of A1 is currently quite high, and only this and Flashback are acceptable for skins with single-digit prices.


2. csgo It depends on what skin you have. If it is a very expensive skin and a skin that is difficult to draw, it should be around 10% to 5%. The explosion rate of official boxes is actually very low. You have an 80% chance of getting a blue skin, a 16% chance of getting a purple skin, a 3% chance of getting a pink skin, a 0.6% chance of getting a red skin, and a 0.2% chance of getting a dagger.


3. After checking the official data of CSGO, it is known that the appearance rate of CSGO professional game maps is 25%, CS: GO Super League (official English name CS: GO SUPER League, referred to as CSL).


4. The knife with the highest appearance rate in CSGO games is the butterfly knife. The knife-changing action of the butterfly knife makes its charm value burst, so it has become the first choice for many players who like to play melee weapons.


Csgoak47 low-priced skin recommendation

-230 In the range, the first recommendation is Big Fish and Begonia. , the price of slightly polished is about 200, and the price of long-lasting is about 140. As a T1 secret red skin, it has everything it should have, full coating, beautiful color, and looks comfortable in actual combat. There are no major disadvantages except that the long-lasting area is more susceptible to wear and tear. So if you want to give a gift, you can choose one in the slightly polished one within the budget.


CSGO green series skin recommendation rifle chapter Galil AR economy Krull wear: battle-hardened price: about 20 yuan very popular economic series, the combination of turquoise and white makes the whole skin full of vitality, and green is full of hope for victory.


Glock blue crack or water spirit. AK47 elite work, also a good-looking skin, the price is also very cheap.. I won't list the other guns one by one. , the price is more expensive than the Torch (after all, it is a restricted level) but generally 7~8 yuan. M4A4 killing intention Daimyo or Griffin.


Ask for the ranking of csgoak47 skins, which ones are relatively high?

Complete Ibp brand new roar M4A4 roar, as the only prohibited level (will not be produced again) skin in CSGO, so this skin is very rare. 4-company Titan brand new surface hardened AK47. This skin itself is quite metaphysical, because the color distribution produced by each quenching is completely different, and then this skin quenching produces the top of the gun, so the whole gun will be very rare. The dragon sniper signed by the C9 team sniper.


In the CSGO accessories market, ak47 red line is a very popular skin. The recommended ak47 red line prints are 4 holographic, 4 IBP, 4 holographic battle scars, 4 holographic A team, and 4 shining red roses, all of which are very beautiful. Here is a sharing of the matching of "CSGO" AWP skins and stickers. Let's take a look.


If you like the original material, I recommend Cartel (with embossing added), red/blue laminate (the wooden part is replaced with laminates of corresponding colors). If you like a simple and modern style, I recommend Elite Works, Red Line. The rest are: Wild Rebellion. Deep Sea Revenge. Frontline Mist (not recommended). Vulcan. Queen (new box item, the price is high recently, and it is difficult to obtain). Water-planted Bamboo (difficult to obtain, not recommended).


Is the red line effect good in csgo2?

This chapter brings you a simple question about which AWP skin gun is better in the CSGO game. According to my personal opinion, the red line is the best looking. Of course, this is also the unanimous choice of most players. Regarding the choice of whether the electronic honeycomb feels better or the red line in csgo, some people say that the dragon is good, and some say that the red line. There are also many people who say that the dark gold lightning strike is good. They think that Gundam is also awesome, and the honeycomb and coral tree are not rubbed.


Electronic honeycomb: / Although this early work has a general appearance, the combination of pink and purple presents a gorgeous effect, but there are not many highlights. The improvement of stickers improves the overall experience. AWP red line: / The favorite of high-level players, the red embellishment adds a sense of competition, and the slightly polished version of the scope for about 70 yuan is the icing on the cake. It is highly recommended.


Combustible ice is good. The gun body lines of the AK47 combustible ice in csgo are smoother than the red line, and the color matching and strike special effects are stronger than the red line. The red line gun skin looks more concise and capable, but the gun body shaking amplitude is not as good as combustible ice. The combustible ice gun skin was launched on February 20, 2014, and the red line gun skin was designed and released by the creative workshop author EmKay in 2013.


Main advantages: Red Line is the most cost-effective AK47 skin. Its color scheme is very simple and rough, with black as the base color and red lines as embellishments. The plain gun body hides a good power, and players can equip stickers without feeling abrupt.


It feels good to stick a 2015 Shining Universe Team, with appropriate embellishments, too many fancy. Personally, I feel that many models are very good, but they dont look good when pasted on, and they may be worn out if wiped off. Since the launch of CSGO, various stamp stickers have been launched in the game. The stickers are all ordinary, and the effect is already very good. The holographic effect this time is not ideal. If you have money, you can go directly to Shining. Without further ado, lets get started.


Red Lock Number and Red Signal: These two have nothing to do with each other. The red lock number is just locked in stock and cannot be traded, so the selling price is much cheaper than the white accessories. A new account with a red lock is just like a new Steam account you registered. It is bound to the national server perfect pass, which is a green letter. It has the same mechanism as a normal account in the international server.