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Table of contents of this article:

1. Share of high-cost heavy weapons and agent skins in CSGO

2. Difference between CSGO bird sniper and big sniper

3. The most expensive CSGO bird sniper skin

4. Does CSGO bird sniper Ghost Warrior wear out?

5. Details of the CSGO Operation Shattered Web event

Share of high-cost heavy weapons and agent skins in CSGO

1. Hunting Grid AWP:/ This skin is the first choice for players with limited budgets. The gun body is yellow-green camouflage. Although it is simple, the price of wear and tear is affordable. The long-honed version starts at only 1 yuan. God of Worms:/ The cool pattern design makes it stand out in terms of cost-effectiveness, especially the dark gold version, which is moderately priced. The ordinary long-honed version starts at only 5 yuan.


2. Here are some recommendations for high-cost agent skins in CSGO. Recommended high-cost agent skins in CSGO. Army Lieutenant Commander Rixol ‖ 129 yuan is the only CT agent without cuffs. He is very capable and does not look bloated at all. (I don't know why, but seeing him always reminds me of the Flying Tigers.) The following picture is from the first-person perspective: Doctor Romanov ‖ 15 yuan The doctor's white hair is very conspicuous, and his round sunglasses also have a sense of humor.


3. Recommended red skins for CSGO submachine guns and heavy weapons [Submachine guns] MAC-10: Silent (slightly worn) Introduction: 3D design, unparalleled three-dimensional sense. Price: Buff: 6 yuan Souvenir: No Dark Gold Counter (StatTrak): Yes Quality: Restricted MP9: Ruby Poison Dart (slightly worn) Introduction: The feeling of red tar is diffused, with some color change effect.


4. Features of this weapon: The Bowie hunting knife, with its wide blade, V-shaped grinding and circular blade tip, shows excellent adaptability whether it is cutting or defending. Its coating is rich and varied, imitating marble, tiger pattern, camouflage, etc., each of which adds the effect of confusing the enemy, making it more tactically concealed in battle. At the price level, the collection value of the Bowie hunting knife is extremely high.


5. 1. M4A1 Silenced Version | Raging Beast We won't discuss A1 or A4, but the M4 series is a very popular weapon in CSGO. Raging Beast is a worthwhile purchase. It's not new, but it's still good to consider grinding and alcohol.


6. CSGO High Cost-Effective Secondary Weapon Skin Recommendation P2000 ‖ Obsidian (slightly worn) ‖ 97 yuan The dark red lines permeate the black rock, which is coquettish and solemn. The name theme is very consistent with the color style. The first drop of blood and bite in the beast stickers are very suitable for this skin, so you can try it. (People call me Little Roar after I post it.


Differences between bird sniper and sniper in csgo

Bird sniper can headshot the whole armor with one shot. Generally, in the second round of the rifle map, bird sniper is used to expand the advantage when the pistol round is won. Bird sniper is faster than sniper. If you react quickly, you can shoot and hide before the opponent hits you. If you hit the whole armor with more than 50 drops of blood, it will be more convenient for teammates to make up the gun or throw projectiles to kill.


Movement speed varies csgo awp: csgo awp moves slowly. Bird sniper: bird sniper moves fast. Damage varies csgo awp: generally one shot is fatal, with high damage. Bird sniper: generally one shot is not fatal. Jump varies csgo awp: cannot jump and snipe. Bird sniper: can jump and snipe. Positioning varies csgo awp: suitable for close, medium and long distances. Bird sniper: suitable for long distances.


The bird sniper in csgo game refers to STEYR SCOUT sniper rifle, this gun has high cost performance and strong mobility. The damage of the gun body is 70+, and the magazine capacity of the gun is 30 rounds. The damage of the bird sniper is not as good as the heavy sniper, but the advantage is that it is relatively light and suitable for precision sniping. Detailed answer: CSGO bird sniper brief introduction: CT and T shared the same bird sniper, the body's main cadre damage is 70+, and the bomb -folding amount is 30 rounds. Although the sights are slightly insufficient, the overall design is still bright, like the mark of history. The lethality also brings great convenience to his teammates. 2, do not use FLASH flash bombs. It is not as useful for bird sniper. Read AWP Dragon Legend, due to its unique pattern and rarity, has a price of $30,000 to $120,000 and over $100,000 respectively. Kalanbit Hardened (Blue Gem) starts at $20,000, and the blue gem embellishment shines like a gem, symbolizing incomparable nobility.


Dragon Sniper signed by C9 team sniper. Dragon Sniper is the highest-positioned skin in CS:GO. At present, the market price of the worst and cheapest Dragon Sniper is about 5,000 yuan, and it is divided into whether it is a souvenir. The value of a souvenir Dragon Sniper is easily hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands, which is basically equivalent to a car. Because of the recent Major (CSGO held by Valve), C9 team won the championship.


CS:GO is a popular first-person shooter game, in which the skin and accessories system is one of its major features. In CS:GO, the most expensive item is the Dragon Sniper (AWP | Dragon Legend). There are two types of Dragon Snipers, namely ordinary Dragon Sniper and souvenir Dragon Sniper. The price of ordinary dragon snipers ranges from 3,000 to 15,000 depending on the wear and tear of the appearance. The brand new dragon snipers are the most expensive. The souvenir dragon snipers are even rarer and more expensive, with prices as high as tens of thousands of dollars.


The most expensive skin in "csgo" is the AK-47 Fire Snake, one of the classic "CSGO" weapon skins, which was released with the Operation Bravo case as early as 2013. The price fluctuates greatly, ranging from 500 to 8,000 US dollars, and some special versions may even exceed 10,000 US dollars. "CSGO" is a first-person shooting team competitive game developed by Valve, and its full name is "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive".


Does the csgo bird sniper ghost warrior eat wear and tear?

It depends on personal preference. The degree of wear and tear is in the order of brand new, slightly worn, battle-hardened, damaged, and battle-scarred. I personally think that slightly worn and above looks good, and I can't see anything after being worn for a long time. Of course, there are also weird ones. There is a gun with wear and tear close to 1, which is very expensive, and it looks black like the original.


Endless deep sea, metaphysical existence, be sure to pay attention to wear and color matching when choosing, find the ocean blue that belongs to you. The moss dotted line is simple but elegant, like the quiet beauty in the forest. The melon dot bird sniper, a classic, the fanatical orange design is eye-catching and affordable. The gradient effect of the dune yellow is unique, and the strong acid paint is a unique interpretation of the game atmosphere.


The difference between the csgo bird sniper and the big sniper: Weapon type: The bird sniper refers to the AWP sniper rifle, and the big sniper refers to the SSG08 sniper rifle. Strength and damage: AWP is a heavy sniper rifle with extremely high damage and blocking power. It can kill the opponent with one shot. Both penetration and long-range accuracy are excellent, while SSG08 is a semi-automatic light sniper rifle with relatively low damage and requires multiple hits to kill the enemy.


The csgo bird sniper has 60-100 blood without armor in one shot. The csgo bird sniper is also called the SSG08 sniper rifle. The SSG08 has low destructive power, but it is very cost-effective. When the opponent is without armor, the damage of a shot from the csgo bird sniper ranges from 60 to 100, depending on the part of the human body hit. Game "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive".


The reason is: csgo bans bird snipers because it does not consider obstacles. It may hit obstacles during shooting, which will lose effective damage to large monsters and BOSS, thereby reducing the fairness of the game. The bird sniper is an extremely extreme firearm with a very high upper limit and a very low lower limit. One of the most fatal shortcomings of a sniper rifle is the interval between shots.


The bird sniper in the csgo game refers to the STEYR SCOUT sniper rifle. This gun is cost-effective and highly maneuverable. The damage of the gun body is 70+, and the magazine capacity of the gun is 30 rounds. The damage of the bird sniper is not as good as that of the heavy sniper, but the advantage is that it is relatively light and suitable for precision sniping. Detailed answer: Brief introduction of csgo bird sniper: CT and T share the same bird sniper, the damage to the main body part of the body is 70+, and the magazine has 30 rounds.


Free skin of csgo sniper (csgo sniper skin)


Details of the content of CSGO Operation Shattered Web event

Operation Shattered Web is a brand new event in CSGO, which brings new plots, character skins, map series skins, weapon boxes and weapons. Players can participate in the event by purchasing the Operation Shattered Web pass. The pass is priced at 106 yuan in both the national and international servers. New Operation Gameplay After activating the Operation Pass, players can obtain Operation Shattered Web Challenge Coins, which can be upgraded by completing tasks.


The only way to upgrade the "Operation Shattered Web" Challenge Coins is to complete tasks on the weekly task card. After you complete 33 tasks, 66 tasks, or 100 tasks, your challenge coins will be upgraded. Perform tasks: Complete tasks to get Operation Stars, and there is a limit to the number of Operation Stars that can be obtained each week. After completing the mission, you can also get the progress of the Grand Operation Challenge Coin and experience value bonus. The mission will be announced in units of "weeks".


Operation Shattered Web Event Challenge Coin Obtaining Methods Week 1 Virus Lab CSGO Operation Shattered Web Missions The weekly missions of Operation Shattered Web will change. There are a total of 33 silver-level missions, 66 gold-level missions, or 100 diamond-level missions. You can get Grand Operation Stars by completing the mission. There is a cap on the number of Grand Operation Stars that can be obtained each week. After completing the mission, you can also get the progress of the Grand Operation Challenge Coin and experience value bonus.