CSGO eye-catching skins (Why are CSGO skins so expensive)

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Table of contents of this article:

1. Basic grade introduction of "Lihuo Blade" and "Lihuo Phoenix" in Valorant

2. CSGO: The five most expensive skins, Dark Gold Roar is not on the list, the first one is enough to buy a house?

3. CSGO Operation Crazy Fang Pass Box Weapon Skin Collection Crazy Fang Operation New Agent Summary

4. "CSGO" World Cup Theme Skin Recommendation

Basic grade introduction of "Lihuo Blade" and "Lihuo Phoenix" in Valorant

1. Lihuo Blade, this melee weapon in Valorant is like the skin in League of Legends, non-tradable, once purchased, it belongs to your character forever. Compared with the accessories of CSGO and "Faith 2", its price is close to the people. This knife has a unique design on the outside. The translation of the national server comes from the preconceived notion of the fan, and its name Lihuo Blade is also widely accepted because of its national server announcement.


2. Lihuo Blade will be out of print. Lihuo Blade is a prop skin launched in the national server public beta. This is a one-time sale with a price of 3280 fearless points. The launch time is from July 14 to August 5, 2023. After this time, it will not appear in the current sales store and night market store, and this weapon will be out of print.


CSGO: The five most expensive skins, the dark gold roar can't even make the list, the first one is enough to buy a house?


1. For example, the brand new roar m4a4, the flaming gun body looks very handsome. This skin, because it is the sticker of the ibp team, is very rare. Now it has been hyped up to more than 100,000. This price is very scary. Only the rich can afford it. I believe that people who play this game must know what a dragon sniper is. This skin is also a rare skin of AWM.


2. Tec-9 groundwater. The price of this skin is amazing, worth a desert sea view room. Is it more expensive than the dragon sniper? Method/Steps 4-IBP Brand New Roar M4A4 Roar, as the only banned skin in CSGO (will not be produced again), so this skin is very rare.


3. The price of M4A4 Roar is very expensive. At present, the price of this skin starts at 10,000 yuan, and only the real rich can afford it. Roar is one of the most expensive weapons of M4A4, usually used by professional players and rich people. If the player holds Roar during leisure and competition, then he is definitely the most handsome guy in the game. The above is only the author's personal opinion, and you are welcome to comment.


4. Dark Gold Red Net Sawtooth Claw Knife: This one is very expensive when it leaves the factory. In terms of the rarest "csgo" skins, this skin is definitely the rarest. It is especially popular with those who like less standard blade designs because this skin is curved. Due to rarity and lack of products, the price of this skin is often much higher than expected.


5. csgo skin Dark Gold Roar Recommendation AK Red Line, I personally think it is the most cost-effective skin in CSGO. As the main battle rifle of T, it is naturally needless to say. The red and black color combination is very domineering, and the simple, linear paint gives people a very smooth feeling. Of course, another very important point is that it is very suitable for matching various stickers, and the foundation is excellent.


CSGO Operation Crazy Fang Pass Box Weapon Skin Daquan Crazy Fang Operation New Agent Summary

New Characters This operation adds 20 new characters (skins), including 4 female characters, two Ts: Sally and Bozeman, and two CTs: May and Faro. What's more interesting is that the new character-Sir Daryl has 5 character skins and 5 different personalities.


CSGO Crazy Fang Operation is on the stage! New operation plot, new operation gameplay, new character skins, new map series skins, new weapon boxes, etc.


Play new maps in various modes and check the progress of tasks in the pass at any time. Complete weekly tasks to receive rich rewards including new operators, new weapon collection boxes, stamps, graffiti, etc. "Crazy Fang Operation" Priority Are you ready to experience a higher level of competitive mode? Queue in the "Crazy Fang Operation" priority mode and experience the joy of the competition-level 5v5 competitive mode. Map BP power is only open to pass holders.


Blue Agent Hide Blue Agent Purple Agent Pink Agent Bloody Darryl Earl Blue Collection Pink Collection CSGO Crazy Fang Operation has officially started. This time, many new agents, boxes, collections and other accessories have been added. So what are these accessories like? Let's take a look at the reviews of all accessories in CSGO Crazy Fang Operation. CSGO Crazy Fang Operation All Accessories Reviews (Updating) Agent Blue Agent. The updated ct series gives people a feeling of two words, thick.


"CSGO" World Cup Theme Skin Recommendation

Exploring the World of CSGO: The Charm of the Deadly Violet Gut Knife Today, let us step into the magnificent world of CSGO knives and explore a unique and eye-catching cheap choice-the Gut Knife Deadly Violet. Although it is not the ultimate cost-effective, its unique design and the story behind it are definitely worth exploring. The Dark Art of VioletThis knife is marked by its gut-piercing hook, and the design of the front end of the blade spine is like a soul-snatching weapon.


The river of time flows quietly, and we each embark on a new journey. The arrival of graduation season, like the blooming of phoenix flowers, brings a historical AWP skin-Fearless War God. Although it looks low-key and has no gorgeous decorations of barrels and sights, it exudes a unique charm in low-key. The story behind this top AWP is not simple.


Explore new art, Yiyi CSGO black style 0/, a skin series created by the talented designer donschi, is like neon under the night sky, and the colorful light and shadow are full of art and emotion. Neo-Noir instantly captured the hearts of players with its unique cartoon comic style. Each skin is full of deep meaning, like a delicate tribute to black movies.


The bamboo forest skin in the Rising Sun Collection is closely linked to the Chinese style. It is cheap, elegant and fresh, just like the elegance of Chinese paintings. The Hades skin brings fun with its unique avatar design, while the Crystal Red Quartz, as the ultimate weapon dropped in the match box, shows the beauty of contrasting colors. The linkage between Isaac and Galil, as well as the hardened bone color, all show their unique styles and details.


AWP Gungnir: A mythical sniper weapon, priced from $6,000 to $20,000, each shot seems to contain a legendary story. Factory New Crimson Net Knife: High-end customization, the starting price is more than $6,000, and the truth is in the details. Kalanbit/Butterfly/M9 Bayonet: A symbol of dignity and glory, with a price range of $15,000 to $25,000, each is a unique symbol of glory.


Today I recommend an entry-level skin for P90 - Traction. As a submachine gun that impacts the earth, the cost-effectiveness and refreshing feeling of P90 make players love it. The traction model recommended this time is considered to be a more noteworthy model among the entry-level P90s.