csgo skin is the most wear-resistant skin (the most cost-effective wear among csgo good-looking skin

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1. What kind of wear should I buy in CSGO Anubis Legion?

2. Which one is better, csgo disiimov or bloodsport?

3. [Original] csgo cost-effective skin evaluation (2) AWP article

4. Is there a big difference between the Hydra AWP film and the new one?

5. What kind of wear should I buy in csgo?

6. csgo skin durability ranking

What wear to buy in csgo army of anubis

1. Slightly grind the limit. Displayed according to query Jiuyou.com. This skin does not suffer from abrasion, but rather brightness. The lower the degree of abrasion, the brighter it will be. This one is more abrasive to the skin. The skin wear range is from 0 to 0.7, but as the wear increases, there will be strong wear changes on the magazine and edges. The damage degree of 0.6 is full of battle scars. You can see that the pattern on the barrel and magazine position is basically gone. The original color of the weapon is also exposed on the top of the gun. The overall look and feel is poor.


2. Eat. Anubis is the god of death in ancient Egyptian mythology. He is a beast-headed god related to mummification and life after death. He appears in the murals of Pharaoh's tombs with the image of a jackal head and a human body. One theory is that he is the desert god. The son of the god Seth and his wife Nephthys, another theory is that he is the illegitimate son of Osiris, the king of Hades among the Egyptian Nine Pillars.


3. The Anubis collectible in "CSGO" does not require a key. Because the Anubis commemorative bag is a game prop bag that is needed in the game, and the key is a necessary item to open the prop bag. Unlike ordinary weapon boxes, this Anubis collection bag can be purchased directly in the game and can be opened directly without a key. The Anubis Collection Pack contains 19 gun skins, excluding extremely rare items (no gloves/knives).


Which one is better in csgo, disiimov or bloodsport?

1. CSGO Blood Sports replaces the weapon AK-47. Blood Sports does not need much introduction. If you don’t have it in CSGO yet, you might as well experience it in “Left 4 Dead 2”.


2. The top ten AK47 skins in "CS:GO" are Red Line, Blood Sports, Vulcan, Cool Graffiti Leather, Chaos Dot Matrix, Orbital, Frontline Fog, Ersimov, Queen, and Wilderness Rebellion. Among the more advanced ones are Red Line, Wilderness Rebellion and Frontline Fog.


3. The cheapest red-level weapon in CSGO is Blood Sports! The MP7 Bloodsport comes from CSGO's Life on a Thread weapon box. It's very easy to use, but expensive. The German-made MP7 submachine gun is very suitable for high-intensity close combat.


4. If you are pursuing cost-effectiveness for this skin of Bloody Sports, long-lasting is the best solution. Of course, if conditions allow, new is definitely better. You can choose by yourself. If you look closely at the gun Bloodsport, the main color is red, but the pattern on Bloodsport will give the gun a contrasting feel. Coupled with the large Japanese characters on the gun body. For stickers, I recommend Four Company Faze, Four Company Tianlu, or Four Company A Team.


csgo skin is the most wear-resistant skin (the most cost-effective wear among csgo good-looking skins)


[Original] CSGO cost-effective skin evaluation (2) AWP article

Fearless God of War: / The golden and blue patterns interweave to create a gorgeous picture. The 73 yuan slightly polished version is suitable for players who pursue overall beauty rather than details. Black skin, low-key and steady, a reflection of personal style. Orange AWP:/ This skin is quite controversial. The unique pattern design has attracted many players. The wear is highly visible at around 120 yuan.


CSGO AWP cost-effective skin recommendation: the first AWP StatTrak Death BUFF. Quoted by igxe: 939¥. Quoted by igxe: 95¥. Quoted by C5: 972¥. Quoted by Steam: 1576¥. The last one among the awp skins that only eats brightness but not wear and tear, and is also the one with the lowest requirements for brightness. .


In the CSGO jewelry market, AWP Ghost Removal is a very popular skin. AWP Ghost Removal is very wear-resistant and suffers from brightness. As the wear increases, the pattern at the seams will wear out quickly. Fortunately, the maximum wear of this skin is 0.5, retaining large areas of pattern even at maximum wear.


M4A is the king of cost-effectiveness. It only costs 30 yuan to take home brand new. The all-red color scheme is very handsome. Dragon King has a skin with Chinese elements. Just because of this, why don’t you buy it? The price of slight grinding is about 70 yuan. You can consider buying Dead Space Extreme Alcohol and Extreme Light Polishing, which are not too harmful to the worn skin, and the price is between 55-75 yuan.


Is there a big difference between the Hydra AWP film and the new one?

The difference is the friend leaderboard and the additional experience gained and the coins can be upgraded to a new diamond level. The differences are as follows: Operation adds "Operation Journal"! Operation will offer new and old community maps to play in traditional casual and competitive modes: the new "Operation Hydra" is here. Opportunities to drop items and new Operation chests at the same time.


There is not much difference between the Hydra AWP film and the new one. Brand new is just a matter of appearance. One advantage of the Hydra awp skin is that it doesn't suffer much wear and tear, so it is similar to Eternal but more wear-resistant than Eternal. There is almost no difference from new. There is almost no difference below 0.2. The worn eternal barrel will start to wear out, but the two skinned barrels wear faster, and the bracket and magazine are more susceptible to wear.


What kind of wear should I buy in csgo?

CSGO's vivid and fragrant skin does not wear out. The M4A4's link and gun tail are very easy to wear. Many brand-new wears cannot escape this curse, but this skin of Live Color and Fragrance does not have such a problem. You can get very good results by buying wears that have been battle-tested for a long time. experience. New skin this year. M4A4 comes alive and fragrant. The wear design of this skin is so conscientious. It can be said that it has perfectly avoided the disaster-stricken M4A4.


Personally, just buy whichever one you think looks better. The original butterfly knife has no wear and tear at all, and it is quite beautiful. The pure color tone faintly reveals the domineering power of steel. The best thing is that the price does not fluctuate much and there is only one price. The difference between csgo artificial dyeing is that it is brightest when it is new and slightly worn, the brightness is average after being damaged for a long time, and the war marks are the darkest, and there is no difference in the rest. If I had to say, it was a question of how much lemon juice to order on top, but no one looked at it.


However, the next era does not suffer from wear and tear, and brothers can enter as they please. From top to bottom, they are battle scars, damaged, worn, slightly worn, and brand new. There are just a few more ink spots. It is originally matte spray paint, so you can't see much difference.


When buying csgo, you can choose to wear it. According to relevant information inquiry, many equipments in the CSGO game are not subject to wear and tear. If players don’t care about details, it is recommended to buy a little bit of wear and tear, and just buy a long-lasting one, which is more cost-effective.


Factory new. According to the search on the official website of "csgo", the USP in the game is very wear-resistant. If the wear is high, it will be ugly. Therefore, "csgo" has the illusion that buying "factory new" can repair wear and tear very well.


higher. 《csgo》Automatically buy scimitars with higher wear and tear. Scimitars are a type of knife that is particularly susceptible to wear and tear, so it is better to buy those with higher wear and tear. Those with alcohol below 0.20 or slightly polished above are fine.


csgo skin durability ranking

Hello, what is the durability ranking of CSGO? csgo durability ranking order from new to old: brand new, slightly worn, battle-tested, badly damaged, battle-scarred. In the game, the wear determines the appearance of the weapon skin and represents the newness of the skin.


csgo durability ranking from new to old: brand new from the factory; slightly worn; battle-hardened; badly damaged; battle-scarred. Durability determines the appearance of the weapon skin and represents the newness of the skin. This game is loved by players due to its beautiful graphics.


Factory new, slightly worn, battle-hardened, battle-scarred, badly damaged. The newer the equipment, the more complete the color. When it reaches the level of dilapidation, almost all the paint on the equipment has been peeled off.


Battle-Scarred, Well-Worn, Field-Tested, Minimal Wear, Factory New. CSGO skin wear means that the same skin will have five effects, and the new appearance is the best skin effect. "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" is a first-person shooting game developed by VALVE in cooperation with Hidden Path Entertainment and published by Valve Software.