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Table of contents of this article:

1. Introduction to 11 expensive CSGO unboxing accessories and skins

2. Recommended high-quality skins for CSGO M4A4 guns under 100 yuan

3. List of CSGO green pistol skins and price sharing

4. Evaluation of all skins in CSGO Operation Torrent weapon box

5. Introduction to the rarity and quality in the csgo picture (all attributes)

11 expensive CSGO unboxing accessories and skins

Skadoodle signed brand new souvenir Dragon Sniper (3 million) Even if some people have not played CSGO, there are still many people who know that there is a gun called Dragon Sniper, which is worth hundreds of thousands and can be exchanged for a house. So how expensive is the most expensive Dragon Sniper? Here, the editor searched online and found that the most expensive Dragon Sniper is the "Skadoodle signed brand new souvenir Dragon Sniper" in 2017, which costs more than 3 million yuan.


Brand new all-blue quenched claw knife. As mentioned in the previous article, the surface is quenched and the blade is all blue. This probability is rarer than winning a 5 million lottery. Tec-9 groundwater. The price of this skin is amazing, it is worth a desert sea view room. Is it more expensive than the Dragon Sniper? Method/Steps 4-IBP Brand New Roaring M4A4 Roaring, as the only banned skin (will not be produced again) in CSGO, so this skin is very rare.


CS: GO is a popular first-person shooter game, in which the skin and accessories system is one of its major features. In CS: GO, the most expensive item is the Dragon Sniper (AWP | Dragon Legend). There are two types of Dragon Snipers, namely ordinary Dragon Snipers and souvenir Dragon Snipers. The price of ordinary Dragon Snipers ranges from 3,000 to 15,000 depending on the wear and tear of the appearance. The brand new Dragon Sniper is the most expensive. The souvenir Dragon Sniper is even rarer and more expensive, with a price of tens of thousands of dollars.


The most expensive skin in csgo: AWP Dragon Legend Commemorative Edition Skin, commonly known as Dragon Sniper. The Dragon Sniper accessory is a very rare skin both at home and abroad, and the price has always been high. Especially the commemorative edition Dragon Sniper, because the commemorative edition Dragon Sniper's gun body will come with stickers. The rarer the stickers, the more valuable the skin is. In addition to this Dragon Sniper, other more expensive ones are gun skins such as M4A1 Roar, AK-47 Wild Lotus, and AWP Medusa.


In CS: go, in addition to gun skins, there are knife skins, which are also very popular, because knives can be used to swing around and look very cool. For example, this brand new all-blue quenched claw knife looks very sharp, and the blade is light blue.


The most expensive skin in csgo is the AWP Dragon Legend Commemorative Edition. In the game CSGO, there are many beautiful and expensive gun accessories skins. And the most expensive gun skin is the AWP Dragon Legend Commemorative Edition skin, commonly known as the Dragon Sniper. The most expensive skin in csgo: AWP Dragon Legend Commemorative Edition skin, commonly known as the Dragon Sniper. The Dragon Sniper, this accessory, is a very rare skin both at home and abroad, and the price has remained high.


csgo legendary gun skin (csgo legendary weapon)


CSGO M4A4 gun skin recommendation within 100 yuan sharing of high-quality skins

1. M4A4 skin recommendation: Killing Daimyo. Killing Daimyo has a very good feel. I think it is the most cost-effective M4A4 skin at the same price. This gun is black and red, and it is also very smooth to hold.


2. Here are some CSGO low-priced and high-cost-effective rifle skin recommendations. CSGO low-priced and high-cost-effective rifle skin recommendations Galil AR Rocket Popsicle (slightly worn)96 yuan_Blue and white color matching with red lines, the cool feeling of summer is overwhelming.


3. For players' reference. M4A4-Magnesium Element If you have opened a box, you will definitely not be unfamiliar with "Magnesium Element". It has no gorgeous patterns, and is close to the black and white carvings of the original skin, which makes it have the feel of the original skin and a hint of low-key luxury. The overall background is black and white, which can suppress any fancy stickers, but GO still recommends "black and white" stickers from the perspective of color matching.


4. M4A4 M4A1 silencer version AUGAWP There are many high-quality gun skins in CSGO, some of which are expensive and unpopular gun skins that you may not notice. Let's take a look at the inventory of CSGO rich and unpopular gun skins.


CSGO green pistol skin list and price sharing

Hunting Grid AWP: / This skin is the first choice for players with limited budgets. The gun body is yellow-green camouflage. Although it is simple, the price is affordable. The long-honed version starts at only 1 yuan. God of Worms: / The cool pattern design makes it stand out in terms of cost performance, especially the dark gold version, which is moderately priced. The ordinary long-honed version starts at only 5 yuan.


CSGO green skin recommendation rifle chapter Galil AR economy Krull wear: battle-hardened price: about 20 yuan is a very popular economic series among players. The combination of turquoise and white makes the whole skin full of vitality, and green is also full of hope for victory.


M4A1 silencer - Player 2: slightly worn, recommended extreme alcohol version, wear degree is 297 when brand new 535, alcohol price is 150 yuan. Female Vulcan Blaze: also wear, extreme alcohol, brand new 520 price is 240 yuan, slightly worn only 134 yuan. Raging Beast: will be slightly worn, brand new 547 alcohol price is 115 yuan.


In the CSGO accessories market, ak47 red line is a very popular skin, ak47 red line prints recommend 4 holographic, 4IBP, 4 holographic battle scars, 4 holographic A team, 4 shining red roses, all very good looking. Below is a sharing of the matching of "CSGO" AWP skin and stickers, let's take a look.


Here is a sharing of the matching of AK skin and stickers in "CSGO". Let's take a look. The overall color of AK Jade Pinstripe is the original AK skin, supplemented by a few green lines. The price is not salty or bland, which is just suitable for beginners. Since there is only one green color that can be picked out of the gun, green stickers are generally used as a match. But considering that the overall background of the gun body is dim, you can also put some colorful ones to suppress the background color.


CSGO Operation Torrent Weapon Box Full Skin Review

1. First of all, it is the incarnation of mythological elements-AWP | Nine-headed Golden Snake/. The designer's clever use makes it like Hydra in Greek mythology, with a golden snake body and delicate scales like relief. In the wear range of 0.00-0.60, each battle scar adds traces of history, especially the brightness change of the gun body, which is more unique.


2. The gold items that can be obtained from the CSGO Operation Torrent weapon box include butterfly knife, hunter dagger, machete, shadow double dagger, bowie hunting knife, and the knife skins include legend, automation, free hand, clear water, black laminate, and gamma doppler.


3. Black Lotus comes from the Operation Torrent weapon box. It is cheap and good-looking. It can have different effects when matched with stickers. The gun body is not very easy to wear and tear. It is completely enough for the old ones. Torque is another cheap and good-looking skin. The overall black, yellow and white colors of the gun body are very pleasing, but it is also its disadvantage that it can wear and tear. It is recommended to buy a brand new one.


Introduction to rarity and quality in the CSGO picture (all attributes)

The weapon skins in CSGO can distinguish various firearms according to rarity, quality or wear and tear.


The quality is distinguished according to the color of the weapon props, which represents the rarity and grade of the weapon skin. All dagger skins are rare and special items in the weapon box, but they are also red secret level in quality, and () will be added after the dagger skin name.


AK-47 Surface Hardening (661) and Souvenir AWP Dragon Legend, due to their unique patterns and rarity, are priced at $30,000 to $120,000 and over $100,000 respectively. Kalanbit Hardening (Blue Gem) starts at $20,000, and the blue gem embellishment shines like a gem, symbolizing incomparable nobility.


CSGO gold is red quality. There are 6 quality levels of weapon rarity in CSGO, from low to high, namely white, consumer grade, light blue: industrial grade, dark blue: military grade, purple: restricted, pink purple: confidential, red: secret. Dagger and glove skins are rare and special items in the weapon box, but they also belong to the red secret level in quality.